Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Little Pony

My friend decided to throw an 80s themed birthday party and everyone dressed up as their favorite 80s TV icon / cartoon character.  Naturally, I decided to dress up as a My Little Pony.  I put some time and thought into my costume so I definitely had to take some pre pre-party pictures.  

I knew I had to have long pink pink hair if I was gonna nail this costume.  The problem was that I didn’t want to wear a hot / itchy wig all night and the reality was I didn’t want to break the bank on hair if it wasn’t getting bonded, sewn in, or taped to my #shortaf hair for a few months.  I ended up really liking my hair solution and it was super cheap.  I bought 2 packs of pink remy hair for like $4 a pack.  I got some manic panic hair dye in cotton candy pink and mixed it with a lot of conditioner so that it was super pastel pink.  I flash dyed the front of my hair and pulled it forward like a pony.  I bobby pinned one pack of the remy hair into 2 pony ears and a mane.  I tied a big bow on the second pack of hair and pinned it to my skirt so that I had a pony tail.  Success!

I have the best boyfriend ever.  He insisted that I needed some bright pink ice cream for the photos.  Apparently Ben and Jerry’s doesn’t use artificial colors so their strawberry ice cream is like basically white, but luckily they had some hot pink raspberry sorbet! 

I bought my tutu from a vintage seller at the Nashville Flea Market.  It was really huge so I cut like half of it off, made it high waisted, and added grommets so that it laced up the back!  I'm selling the tutu on my Depop right HERE!

My 6 inch Ballet Bae platform, plus the added height of my pink mane, had me lifted over 6 feet tall. 

A giant ice cream cone was the best way to end a photo shoot!

What I'm wearing:
Denim Bedazzled Jacket: Performance Studios
Lace Bondage Bralette: For Love and Lemons
Tutu: Vintage Renewal / DIY  - Click here to buy!
Ballet Bae Satin Platforms: Y.R.U. x Dolls Kill

Monday, July 27, 2015

Got the Blues

My boyfriend Dexter and I were out thrifting / treasure hunting in East Tennessee the other day and stumbled upon this really cool vintage car / bus/ boat lot in Morristown.  It turned out to be this really cool old man’s personal collection.  One of the buses was totally reupholstered and pimped out on the inside and made a pilgrimage to Bonnaroo every year.  Another was a retired tour bus now used as a really creepy haunted house on Halloween.  Then there were others just up for sale. 

Dexter and I are actually looking for an Airstream or cool RV to turn into a Glamper so I snapped a bunch of pictures.  And of course, I was also really digging my monochrome denim on denim outfit so Dexter took some shots of me in front of a blue trailer.  Check it out!!

Check out this Mystery Machine ^^^

I’ve been spending a lot of time out East working on renovating and decorating some cabins.  It’s turning into a pretty big and exciting project so I’m going to try to start blogging about the progress on that.  Stay tuned J

What I'm wearing:

Leather Jacket - Moto Lambskin Leather Jacket by IRO Paris via UAL Nashville
Denim Shirt - BDG Relaxed Boyfriend Carbon Shirt via Urban Outfitters
Boyfriend Jeans - BCBG Generation via Posh Nashville

Friday, June 5, 2015

Dressing for Mercury Retrograde

^^^This week's uniform ^^^
It seems like sometime every spring / summer I go through a kitschy retro phase where I wanna dress like a modern day Twiggy meets Kate Moss.  It must be all the sunshine and mimosas that make me want to have some fun with my outfits.  

My sister came to visit from New York this week :)
This week I’ve been especially feeling the 90s vibes and I blame it on the universe because we’re in the middle of Mercury Retrograde.  Mercury Retrograde gets a bad rep among astrology enthusiasts as a period that provokes conflict and brings up issues of the past. For me it always brings up a bought of nostalgia!  I impulsively bought a denim jacket when I was shopping with my sister this week.  I used to rock them so hard circa 2000 when my entire closet came from Limited Too and Zootopia.  

For those of you unfamiliar with Mercury retrograde, it simply means that Mercury is rotating extra slowly and creates an illusion from Earth that the planet is moving backwards.  From an astrological perspective, this means that you’ll feel like aspects of your life ruled by Mercury are moving backwards.

Me outside White's Mercantile - the cutest general store filled with curated goods from chic leather jackets, to retro home kitchenware, to giant Funboy pool floats.
So I needed to post some items up on my Depop shop because I've been a bit MIA on there lately! I decided it was a good time to challenge myself to style some of my old clothes in a fun kitschy way. Here’s some snaps I took over at White’s Mercantile.  You can shop most of these items over on my Depop shop!

Fact: Coca-cola tastes better out of a bottle
I love this Varsity jacket but it's time to let it go!  
Buy this Free People Slip from me - shop my Depop shop!

Add something unexpected to your outfit with this button on collar! 

This is a vintage badass motorcycle jacket that belonged to my mother-in-law before she gave it to me.  Sorry but I can't sell this one!

Have a fun weekend everyone!  xox

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

April Depop Recap

Here's a quick recap video of all the fun stuff I posted up on my Depop Shop in April.  It was a bit of a light month just because I've been so busy elsewhere, but I will try to add a lot more pieces in May! Definitely check back often for new additions.  I love spring/summer clothes so there should be a big haul coming soon.

This up-tempo disco feeling remix of the Cloaked song "Woolf and The Wondershow" is by That's Nice.  And how nice, they're offering it up for free download on their Soundcloud.  Click HERE if you want it!

Wishing everyone a fun Cinco de Mayo!

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Dressing Girly

I’ve been in celebration mode for the last 2 weeks.  I bounced from my sister-in-laws Sweet 16 Birthday party out in East Tennessee up to New York to help my little sister decorate her new apartment, and back to Nashville for my dear friend Hayley’s beautiful wedding this weekend.  I think it’s safe to say I’ve had plenty of fancy cake recently and I’ve eaten it too!

I’ve tried to keep up with my Depop shop throughout the craziness, and it’s pretty clear that I’ve been inspired by flowers, balloons, crafts, and all things girly.  I’ve really been feeling all the springy colors lately and can’t get enough coral!

Here I’ve layered a coral cocktail dress under a Motel Rocks tee for a kind of flirty look.  The tee was just posted to my Depop shop so you should be able to get it here.

This is a Wildfox tee from the archives.  I would never actually risk getting paint on some practically vintage Wildfox, so I had my sister snap this picture before any paint was applied to her walls.  For all my Wildfox Couture lovers, you can buy this tee off me here.

I love this Charlie Jade bikini because the print is super fun and girly and the cut is totally chic.  I’ve decided to sell this too, so hop on over to my Depop for all your pastel needs!  You can get the suit here.

Here I am with my little sister sporting some more Wildfox.  This is the first picture I cutout that spurred a little series of cutout pics and fun girly shots.  Wishing you all a lovely week filled with adventure and love.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Springy Knits

Now that the weather is finally warming up, it’s time to bust out the crochet and lace and fun textured fabrics.  I’ve been rocking springy knits all week long!  

I’m obsessed with my newest swim by Rebecca Minkoff.  It even doubles as a cute tank.  I literally wore it to a pool party on Saturday and then threw on a maxi skirt and wore it to go see my friend’s play Saturday night.

For a casual as-the-sun-sets look, I paired the suit with some waffle leggings by The Squad Co.  I really really love these leggings / sweats / joggers because they’re as comfy as long underwear in a trendy drop crotch cut.  Texture, texture, texture!!  I loved these pants so much that I bought 2 pairs thinking my boyfriend might rock them (they are unisex).  Turns out I’m selling one pair so click on over to my Depop shop to cop a brand new pair.

Ok, and then there’s my love affair with this crochet skirt.  Story time… I ordered this skirt online 2ish years ago from Spell and the Gypsy Collective.  I still remember the pic that sold me on the skirt; it was of a girl in the desert with locks of dark mermaid hair wearing the crochet coconuts skirt layered over a black bikini bottom and styled with a cool concho belt worn low round the hips, an Aztec inspired graphic tee, and a black fringe-tastic leather jacket.

When the skirt finally arrived in the mail from Down Under, sans the to-die-for leather jacket and picturesque desert, I thought the skirt was just okay and threw it in my drawer as a styling challenge for another day.  I really tried to love the skirt… I even packed it to wear to a few festivals thinking inspiration might hit me when I was there… but the skirt still never saw the light of day.

So the other day I pulled the skirt out of the depths of my closet to snap some pics for my Depop Shop. Of course, when I tried it on I fell in love.  Now I'm questioning if I really want to sell it.  All that time I was trying way too hard to dress up the skirt.  It’s such a statement on its own, it just needed something ultra simple layered underneath.  It is available in my Depop shop…. go buy it now before I change my mind!

Stay tuned for more textured inspo!  I’d also love to hear y’alls thoughts on spring / summer textures. 

What I'm Wearing:
Swim Suit: Rebecca Minkoff
Sunglasses: Gucci
Waffle Pants: The Squad Co
Black Wedges: Dolce Vita
Crochet Skirt: Spell Designs
Gold Belt: BCBG
Platform Mary Jane's: Nasty Gal x Jeffrey Campbell

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Joyrich in the Mail

I’m dying over my new Joyrich joggers that just came in the mail.  They’re made of a silky mesh basketball shorts material except they’re not shorts they’re pants in the freshest print ever.  I’m usually not a springy florals person but I’ll make an exception for these.  Also, I thought these were white but the undercolor is actually a badass mermaid minty-aqua color.

Here’s a little video of me opening my package that I ordered from Nylon Mag’s Depop shop! 

Here's some more photos of me rocking my new Joyrich joggers.  And if you want crazy discounts on cool shiz... go peep Nylon's Depop shop!

What I'm wearing:
Crop Top: Silence + Noise
Joggers: Joyrich
Sandals: Birkenstock
Sunnies: Urban Outfitters

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